Are 8BitDo’s NES buttons worth the experimentation?

1. Authentic retro feel: The 8BitDo NES buttons provide a nostalgic experience, perfect for gamers seeking a trip down memory lane.
2. Unique design: The Dual Super Buttons, resembling half a NES controller, offer a distinctive and eye-catching aesthetics.
3. Mechanical keyboard included: The package includes a retro-styled mechanical keyboard, adding functionality and value to the purchase.
4. Versatility: The NES buttons can be used with various devices and platforms, making them suitable for a wide range of gaming setups.
5. High-quality construction: 8BitDo is known for its well-built products, ensuring durability and longevity for the NES buttons.

1. Cost: At $99.99, the price tag may deter some potential buyers from purchasing the NES buttons and mechanical keyboard bundle.
2. Limited functionality: The half controller design restricts the buttons to certain games and may not provide the same level of flexibility as a full-sized controller.
3. Learning curve: Switching from a traditional controller to the Dual Super Buttons might require adjustment and could initially impact gameplay performance.
4. Niche appeal: The retro aesthetics and design may only appeal to a specific audience, limiting the overall market for the product.
5. Availability: Depending on location, the NES buttons may not be readily accessible, resulting in potential shipping delays or additional costs.

Please note that the decision to include these pros and cons was based on general information and does not offer a personal endorsement or recommendation.


Introducing the Dual Super Buttons, our featured Button of the Month. These unique buttons resemble a NES controller, and are designed to pair perfectly with 8BitDo’s vintage-inspired mechanical keyboard priced at $99.99. Enhance your gaming experience with this stylish and functional combo.