Are foreign doctors filling medical residency spots while Canadian applicants face challenges?

– Access to a diverse pool of doctors with different backgrounds and experiences – Potential for cross-cultural exchange and learning in the medical field
– Addressing immediate physician shortages and providing medical care to underserved areas
– Opportunity for foreign doctors who may face challenges in their home countries

– Limited residency spots available for Canadian doctors trained abroad – Potential loss of Canadian talent and expertise in the medical field
– Possibility of language and cultural barriers affecting patient care and communication – Difficulty in retaining foreign doctors, leading to potential brain drain

Please note that these lists are not exhaustive and there may be additional factors to consider.


Every year, over 1,000 Canadian doctors trained abroad are rejected by the country’s medical schools, despite the existing physician shortage. Surprisingly, these schools do manage to secure residency spots for foreign nationals, who are less likely to remain in the country.