Are Instagrammable laundry rooms the ultimate luxury status symbol for wealthy millennials?


– Instagrammable laundry rooms can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home. – They can showcase personal style and design choices.
– Can serve as a form of self-expression and creativity.
– They can make the mundane task of doing laundry more enjoyable.
– Can be a source of inspiration for others looking to upgrade their own laundry spaces. – High-end laundry rooms may offer added convenience and efficiency features. – Can increase the value of the property for potential future buyers.
– Reflects a commitment to maintaining a well-organized and beautiful living space.


– Focus on Instagrammable laundry rooms may prioritize style over functionality. – The pursuit of luxury laundry rooms can be a superficial status symbol. – It may perpetuate a culture of materialism and excessive consumption. – Costly renovations for laundry rooms might not be practical for everyone.
– The pressure to have an Instagram-worthy laundry room can contribute to feelings of inadequacy or comparison.
– Neglecting other areas of the home in favor of a photogenic laundry room can lead to imbalanced priorities.
– Instagrammable laundry rooms may not necessarily make the process of doing laundry more efficient or enjoyable.
– Reinforces societal expectations and pressures to showcase wealth and the appearances of luxury.


Luxury-obsessed millennials are indulging in opulent laundry rooms, once a forgotten corner of the home, now reimagined as a lavish haven.