Are Microsoft and Google’s Earnings Moving the Dow Jones Futures? Is the S&P 500 Regaining a Key Level?

– Microsoft and Google’s earnings can potentially impact the Dow Jones Futures positively if they exceed expectations.
– Positive earnings from these tech giants may boost investor confidence and contribute to overall market optimism.
– The S&P 500 regaining its 200-day moving average is considered a positive sign for technical analysts, indicating potential upward momentum.

– Microsoft and Google’s earnings may not have a significant impact on the Dow Jones Futures if they fail to meet expectations or if other factors overshadow their performance.
– Negative earnings from these companies could potentially dampen market sentiment and lead to a dip in Dow Jones Futures.
– While regaining the 200-day moving average is viewed as a positive development, it is not a foolproof indicator and other factors can still influence the direction of the S&P 500.


Tuesday saw the S&P 500 reclaiming its 200-day moving average.