Are Missing Doctor Who Episodes Worth Tracking Down and Listening to?

1. Opportunity to experience lost stories: Listening to missing Doctor Who episodes allows fans to experience stories that were previously lost, providing a glimpse into the show’s rich history.
2. Filling the gaps: By listening to these episodes, fans can fill in the gaps in their Doctor Who knowledge and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the show’s narrative.
3. Appreciation for classic Doctor Who: These missing episodes provide a chance to appreciate the early years of Doctor Who, showcasing the evolution of the show and the creativity of its creators.
4. Nostalgia factor: For longtime fans, listening to missing episodes can evoke a sense of nostalgia and bring back fond memories of a bygone era of Doctor Who.
5. Supporting preservation efforts: By listening to these episodes, fans contribute to the efforts of preserving Doctor Who’s history and ensuring that these stories are not completely lost.

1. Audio-only format: Listening to episodes without the visual component may not provide the same immersive experience as watching them. Visual cues and special effects are absent, potentially impacting the overall enjoyment.
2. Limited engagement: Without the visuals, some fans may find it harder to engage with the story or connect with the characters on a deeper level.
3. Altered storytelling: In some cases, missing episodes were recreated through audio re-recordings or narration. While the intent is to preserve the story, it may not fully capture the original spirit and impact.
4. Availability restrictions: The accessibility of these missing episodes may be limited to specific platforms or regions, potentially excluding some fans from enjoying the content.
5. Personal preference: Some fans may simply prefer to focus on the existing episodes and not feel the need to track down and listen to the missing ones, as the show has evolved significantly since those early days.

(Note: The availability of Doctor Who episodes on iPlayer mentioned in the prompt is purely fictional and used for the purpose of this response.)


The BBC is set to release over 800 episodes of Doctor Who on its iPlayer streaming service next week. As part of the celebrations, fans of all ages will be treated to the opportunity to listen to previously lost audio recordings of the show. This valuable addition to the BBC’s archive brings an extra delight to devoted Doctor Who enthusiasts.