Are Native Union’s (Re)Classic Apple Watch Bands Worth the Hype?

Pros of Native Union’s (Re)Classic Apple Watch Bands:
1. Made of plant-based leather, appealing to environmentally conscious individuals.
2. Native Union has a reputation for designing high-quality accessories, increasing the likelihood of a durable and long-lasting product.
3. Offers a sleek and classic design that may be aesthetically pleasing to many Apple Watch users.
4. The band’s compatibility with Apple Watch makes it convenient for users who want to enhance the look of their device.

Cons of Native Union’s (Re)Classic Apple Watch Bands:
1. The price might be higher compared to other Apple Watch bands on the market.
2. Limited color options may not appeal to individuals seeking a wide range of customization. 3. Some users might prefer genuine leather instead of plant-based leather.
4. The specific durability and longevity of the plant-based leather may be uncertain.

Overall, whether Native Union’s (Re)Classic Apple Watch Bands are worth the hype depends on individual preferences and priorities, taking into consideration the pros and cons listed above.


Native Union’s Apple Watch bands are both sleek and classic, crafted from plant-based leather. For iPhone users who appreciate leather cases, Native Union is renowned for their top-notch accessories.