Are Safe Rooms in Israel Really a Game-Changer? A Look Inside to Discover the Truth

1. Increased safety: Safe rooms provide protection against missile strikes, enhancing the safety of residents during times of conflict.
2. Peace of mind: Having a built-in safe room can offer a sense of security and peace of mind to residents, particularly in regions prone to political tensions.
3. Quick access: Safe rooms are conveniently located within buildings, allowing residents to quickly seek shelter without having to venture outside.
4. Reduced evacuation risks: With the presence of safe rooms, there may be a reduced need for large-scale evacuations, minimizing panic and potential casualties.
5. Infrastructure development: The incorporation of safe rooms in building design showcases Israel’s infrastructure development and commitment to the safety of its citizens.

1. Limited capacity: Safe rooms are typically designed to accommodate a limited number of people, which might pose challenges in densely populated areas or buildings with large households.
2. Psychological impact: The need for safe rooms can have a psychological impact on residents, constantly reminding them of potential threats and conflicts.
3. Cost implications: Building safe rooms into every structure can add significant costs to construction and real estate, potentially affecting affordability for some.
4. Accessibility concerns: Safe rooms located on higher floors or deep within buildings may present accessibility challenges for individuals with mobility issues or disabilities.
5. Maintenance and upkeep: Safe rooms require regular maintenance to ensure their functionality and readiness, which may involve additional costs and resources for building owners.

Please note that the aforementioned lists provide a general overview and may not encompass all possible pros and cons related to safe rooms in Israel.


In Israel, buildings constructed since the 1990s have incorporated safe rooms to protect against missile strikes. Insider was shown firsthand what these rooms are like by residents.