Are Servants to Composition in Landscape Composition Part 10 Beneficial or Problematic?


– Servants to composition in landscape composition can provide valuable input and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.
– They can help with practical aspects such as setting up equipment, adjusting lighting, and creating the desired atmosphere.
– Servants can assist in capturing specific shots or angles that may be difficult to achieve on one’s own.
– They can offer creative suggestions and contribute to the artistic vision of the composition.
– Having a servant can save time and effort, allowing the photographer to focus on the creative process.


– Relying too heavily on servants can reduce the photographer’s personal involvement and creative control.
– Miscommunication or differing artistic visions between the photographer and servant may lead to conflicts or unsatisfactory results.
– The presence of a servant may distract or disrupt the environment, especially in natural landscapes where the goal is to capture the authenticity of the scene.
– Depending on the circumstances, hiring or employing a servant can add extra costs to the photography process.
– There is a risk of being overly dependent on servants, potentially hindering personal growth and exploration of one’s own skills and capabilities.


Presenting one of the stunning waterfalls in Caño Cristales, Colombia captured through the lens of Canon 5D3 with Canon 17-40mm F4 lens, enhanced with Lee filters. The image is a result of exposure stacking of 3 images at 36mm, ISO 100, F16, and F11, with shutter speeds of 1 second and 2 seconds.