Are Snakes in Music Videos a Bold New Trend or a Dangerous Distraction?

Pros of having snakes in music videos:

1. Adds an exotic and visually captivating element to the video. 2. Can create a unique and memorable aesthetic.
3. Enhances the artist’s image of being daring and edgy.
4. Increases the potential for viral and buzzworthy moments. 5. Provides opportunities for creative storytelling and symbolism.

Cons of having snakes in music videos:

1. Poses a risk to the artist and crew in handling and working with live snakes. 2. May contribute to the exploitation and mistreatment of animals.
3. Can distract viewers from appreciating the actual music and message of the video.
4. May offend or trigger fears in individuals who have phobias or negative experiences with snakes.
5. Could overshadow the artistic merits of the video if not handled appropriately.

Note: The inclusion of snakes in music videos is subjective and the perceived benefits or drawbacks may vary depending on personal opinions and values.

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