Are the H2O Audio Tri Pro headphones worth the upgrade?

1. Waterproof design allows for use in water-based activities. 2. Designed for individuals who enjoy aquatic sports or activities. 3. Good audio quality for underwater listening.
4. Comfortable fit with adjustable straps.
5. Durable construction ensures longevity.
6. Ideal for swimming, surfing, or other water-based workouts.

1. Limited functionality outside of water activities.
2. Not suitable for use during intense physical activities like triathlons.
3. May not provide the best sound quality compared to other non-waterproof headphones. 4. Pricey compared to regular headphones.
5. Limited compatibility with certain devices.
6. Requires extra care to maintain waterproof feature.


These headphones may be waterproof, but they are certainly not suitable for a triathlon or any other activity.