Are these 3 pieces of advice for buying a home still relevant after 10 years?

1. By following a plan for affording a new home, you could potentially save a significant amount of money, as you’ll be better prepared financially.
2. Following a plan can save you time, as it helps in narrowing down your options and focusing on what’s realistic for your budget and needs.
3. By putting in the effort to follow a plan for affording a new home, you can avoid making hasty decisions and potentially regrettable purchases later on.

1. The real estate market can change significantly over the span of ten years, so the advice may not be as relevant or accurate as it once was.
2. Personal circumstances and financial situations vary from person to person, so a generic plan may not account for individual needs and circumstances.
3. Following a plan doesn’t guarantee success in affording a new home, as unexpected expenses or fluctuating interest rates can still impact your financial situation.


Creating a budget and strategy when buying a new home is a wise move to secure savings, save time, and minimize stress in the future.