Are These 37 TV Shows on Prime Video Really the Absolute Best? – CNET

1. Wide variety of TV shows to choose from
2. Highly rated series available
3. Convenient access through Prime Video
4. Opportunity to discover new and popular shows
5. Regular updates with new content
6. Accessible on multiple devices
7. Convenient binge-watching capabilities
8. Potential for finding your new favorite show
9. Options to explore different genres and themes
10. Can enhance your home entertainment experience

1. Subjectivity of “best” can vary from person to person
2. Not all highly rated series may appeal to everyone’s taste 3. Limited availability of certain shows depending on region 4. Potential for spoilers if you’re not caught up with a show 5. May require additional subscription beyond Prime Video for some series 6. Some shows may be restricted to certain age groups
7. Possible difficulty in discovering lesser-known shows
8. Quality and availability of content may fluctuate over time 9. Advertisements or promotions for other Amazon products/services 10. Potential for addiction to binge-watching


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