Are These 6 Kitchen Trends the Next Big Thing, or Will These 4 Be Outdated?

1. Open shelving: Provides a visually appealing and accessible storage option for displaying beautiful dishware and decor.
2. Brass finishes: Adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the kitchen, creating a timeless look.
3. Sustainable materials: Incorporating eco-friendly materials in kitchen design helps promote a greener lifestyle.
4. Statement lighting: Unique and stylish light fixtures can become a focal point, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the kitchen.
5. Smart appliances: Integration of smart devices brings convenience and efficiency to cooking, making life easier.
6. Two-tone cabinetry: Mixing colors or materials for kitchen cabinets adds depth and interest to the space.

1. Open shelving: Exposes dishware to dust, requiring more frequent cleaning and maintenance.
2. Brass finishes: Can be costly, potentially adding a significant expense to the kitchen renovation.
3. Sustainable materials: Limited selection and availability of eco-friendly materials might pose a challenge when sourcing.
4. Statement lighting: Unique fixtures may have limited compatibility with existing electrical wiring, requiring additional work.
5. Smart appliances: Technology updates constantly, making it difficult to keep up with the latest innovations.
6. Two-tone cabinetry: Choosing the wrong color combination may result in clashing or overwhelming visual effects.


Get the scoop on the latest kitchen trends for 2024 as shared by interior designers. Discover what’s in and what’s out, including the rise of open shelving and the popularity of brass finishes.