Are These Sous-Vide Egg Bites Really Better Than What You Get at Starbucks?

– Convenient: Sous-vide egg bites are easily accessible at various Starbucks locations.
– Variety: Starbucks offers a range of flavors, allowing for different taste preferences.
– Portable: These bites are easy to grab on the go, making them a quick breakfast or snack option.
– Consistency: With a large customer base, Starbucks ensures consistent taste and quality across their locations.
– Familiarity: If you enjoy the taste of Starbucks food, you’ll be pleased with their sous-vide egg bites.

– Price: Compared to homemade options, Starbucks sous-vide egg bites can be more expensive.
– Limited customization: While Starbucks offers variety, you may not have as many options to personalize your flavors.
– Availability: Starbucks locations may not be conveniently accessible to everyone.
– Freshness: As a packaged product, the bites may not be as fresh as homemade ones.
– Nutritional content: It’s important to consider the nutritional value and ingredients of store-bought food.


Once a Starbucks menu item, now a popular trend – sous-vide egg bites. Since their debut in 2017, these bite-sized delights have captivated taste buds worldwide.