Are U.S. book bans hurting or helping Scholastic Book Fairs?

Pros of U.S. book bans for Scholastic Book Fairs:
1. Potentially increased demand for banned books, generating higher sales. 2. Ability to cater to a specific audience seeking alternative viewpoints.
3. Increased visibility and discussion about the importance of intellectual freedom.

Cons of U.S. book bans for Scholastic Book Fairs:
1. Potential loss of business if banned books are prohibited from being sold. 2. Negative association with censorship, which could damage brand reputation. 3. Limitations on offering a diverse range of books due to censorship concerns.


Scholastic has introduced a new fair category specifically for diverse books, aimed at assisting schools in dealing with book bans. This decision has sparked criticism from librarians who believe the company has given in to censorship.