Are WanaBana Fruit Pouches a Dangerous Snack for Kids? – FDA Raises Concerns, NPR Reports


1. Convenient and portable snack option for kids.
2. Contains fruit puree, providing some nutritional benefits. 3. Variety of flavors available to cater to different tastes. 4. Easy to consume, especially for young children.
5. Generally affordable and widely accessible through various retailers.


1. FDA raises concerns about possible dangers linked to the product. 2. Specific apple cinnamon pouches being recalled regardless of expiration date. 3. Potential health risks for kids consuming these pouches.
4. Limited information available on the exact reasons behind the recall.
5. Uncertainty and lack of trust created by the recall affecting the brand’s reputation.


The apple cinnamon fruit puree pouches, available for purchase online or in-store at retailers like Sam’s Club, Amazon, and Dollar Tree, are being recalled regardless of their expiry date.