Can AI Watermarks Truly Protect Against Attackers?


1. Protection: AI watermarks offer a form of protection against attackers, making it more difficult for them to steal or tamper with images.
2. Deterrence: The presence of watermarks acts as a deterrent, discouraging potential attackers from even attempting to misuse or steal images.
3. Verification: Watermarks can provide a means for verifying the authenticity of an image, ensuring its originality and preventing unauthorized usage.
4. Traceability: If an image with an AI watermark is illegally used, it can help in tracing back the source and determining the responsible party.
5. Customization: AI watermarking allows for customization, enabling unique and personalized stamps that are harder to remove or counterfeit.


1. Evading methods: Researchers have identified the ease with which current AI watermarking methods can be evaded, exposing potential vulnerabilities in their effectiveness.
2. Fake watermarks: Attackers can add fake watermarks to real images, leading to a false sense of security and posing a challenge in distinguishing authentic watermarks.
3. Limited protection: While AI watermarks can provide some level of protection, they may not be foolproof and might not be able to fully prevent all forms of unauthorized usage or tampering.
4. Complex algorithms: The complexity of AI watermarking algorithms may make it harder to implement and use for individuals or organizations with limited technical expertise.
5. Balancing visibility: Watermarks need to strike a balance between being visible enough to deter theft, but not obtrusive enough to affect the viewing experience, which can be challenging.

Disclaimer: These lists are provided to present a general overview of the pros and cons. The effectiveness of AI watermarks may vary depending on various factors, and staying updated with advancements in technology is essential to maintain optimal security.


Experts warn that current methods of watermarking are easily evaded or manipulated, allowing for the inclusion of counterfeit watermarks on genuine images.