Can artificial rain and early winter break for schools be the solution to Delhi’s air pollution crisis? | Mint – Mint


1. Artificial rain can help in reducing air pollution by directly cooling down the atmosphere and settling dust particles.
2. Early winter break for schools can minimize outdoor activities, reducing children’s exposure to harmful pollutants.
3. Both measures can provide immediate relief to Delhi’s air pollution crisis, potentially improving the health and well-being of its residents.


1. Artificial rain may not be a permanent solution and may only provide temporary relief from air pollution.
2. Implementing an early winter break for schools can disrupt the academic calendar and affect students’ learning progress.
3. Depending solely on these two measures may divert attention from addressing the root causes of air pollution, such as stricter emission control and sustainable development practices.


Delhi’s air quality continues to remain ‘very poor’ with an AQI of 356, according to SAFAR. It has been consistently crossing the severe category mark of 400 in recent days.