Can boxing and coaching truly save a former gang member’s life?

– Boxing can provide an outlet for former gang members to channel their aggression and build discipline.
– Coaching can offer guidance and mentorship, leading to personal growth and a positive support system.
– Boxing can improve physical fitness and overall health, promoting a healthier lifestyle.
– Becoming a coach in boxing can give a sense of purpose and fulfillment, helping to create positive role models.
– The structure and discipline required in boxing can teach valuable life skills, such as perseverance and determination.

– The world of boxing can still be associated with violence, which may perpetuate a former gang member’s inclination towards aggression.
– Without proper support and rehabilitation, the boxing community may not fully address the underlying issues that led to gang involvement.
– The competitive nature of boxing can create pressure and potential setbacks for individuals seeking a fresh start.
– Coaching may not guarantee long-term stability or prevent potential relapses into a criminal lifestyle.
– Engaging in boxing and coaching may require financial resources that may not always be accessible to former gang members.

It is vital to note that individual experiences may vary, and the success of boxing and coaching in saving a former gang member’s life will depend on various factors, including personal commitment, support systems, and access to resources.


Having successfully left a life filled with crime and violence, Jess Bryden has discovered newfound purpose in the world of boxing.