Can Cisco’s IOS XE flaw patch effectively address the aftermath of six days and thousands of pwned users?


– Cisco’s patch for the IOS XE flaw may effectively address the zero-day bug and protect affected users.
– The release of more details by Cisco shows transparency and a proactive approach towards resolving the issue.
– Having a fix available to customers shows a commitment to resolving the problem and safeguarding Cisco’s users.


– The aftermath of six days and thousands of pwned users highlights a significant lapse in security.
– The fact that SolarWinds was using plaintext passwords raises concerns about their security practices.
– North Korea’s attack on TeamCity exposes vulnerabilities in their system and raises questions about their ability to defend against cyber threats.
– The presence of critical vulnerabilities in the system indicates potential flaws in the overall security framework.


In a brief update on security, Cisco has provided more details about a critical zero-day bug that was disclosed earlier this week. The company is actively working towards a fix for this issue to ensure customer protection. Alongside this, SolarWinds has been found using plaintext passwords, exposing potential vulnerabilities. Additionally, North Korea has launched attacks on TeamCity, another concerning development in the cybersecurity landscape. Stay informed and vigilant as these security issues continue to evolve.