Can gas station convenience stores thrive in the EV future thanks to these chargers?

– Provides an opportunity for gas station convenience stores to adapt and survive in the EV future
– Allows convenience store owners to transition seamlessly into the electric era without disrupting the existing oil and gas infrastructure
– Can potentially attract new customers who drive electric vehicles and need to charge up
– Provides an additional revenue stream for convenience store owners through charging station usage fees – Helps in reducing carbon emissions by promoting the use of electric vehicles

– Requires a significant investment in setting up and maintaining the electric vehicle charging infrastructure
– Gas station convenience store owners may face competition from dedicated charging stations in the market
– Charging times for electric vehicles are generally longer than refueling with gasoline, potentially leading to slower customer turnover
– The demand for electric vehicle charging stations heavily relies on the adoption rate of electric vehicles in the area
– Convenience store owners may face challenges in managing and maintaining the charging stations alongside their existing operations


Electric Era’s PowerNode and electric vehicle charging station system is designed specifically for convenience store owners who want to transition into the electric vehicle future smoothly, without causing any disruptions to the existing oil and gas infrastructure or the grid.