Can her plan save the U.S. Army from falling short of recruitment goals?

– The plan shows the Secretary of the Army’s commitment to addressing the recruitment shortfall. – It demonstrates proactive measures to tackle a long-standing issue. – The plan might introduce innovative strategies to attract more recruits. – Increased recruitment would strengthen the U.S. Army and its capabilities.
– Meeting recruitment goals could improve morale and esprit de corps within the Army.

– There is no guarantee that the plan will be successful in achieving recruitment goals.
– It might take time to see the desired results, causing potential short-term setbacks. – Implementing the plan could require significant financial investments.
– The plan may face resistance or skepticism from within the Army or external stakeholders.
– Other factors, such as societal trends or competition, could still impact recruitment numbers.


The U.S. Army has struggled with recruitment goals for years. In response, Secretary of the Army, Christine Wormuth, is implementing a new plan.