Can Indian para athletes’ incredible medal haul at Hangzhou Asian Para Games fuel greater inclusion?

– Increased visibility and recognition for Indian para athletes’ incredible performance – Inspires and motivates other para athletes in India and around the world – Raises awareness about para sports and disability inclusion – Provides a platform to challenge stereotypes and break down barriers
– Encourages investment and support in para sports infrastructure and training programs

– The long-term impact on inclusion is uncertain
– Potential pressure on para athletes to repeat or exceed their medal haul in future events – Limited media coverage and public attention compared to able-bodied athletes
– Challenges in addressing deep-rooted prejudices and stereotypes surrounding disability – Unequal resources and opportunities for para athletes in various nations


Indian para athletes made history at the Hangzhou Asian Para Games. They clinched an impressive total of 111 medals, a record-breaking achievement for India in any major international multi-sport event.