Can Lewiston truly recover from the deadly mass shooting?

1. Possibility of collective healing and resilience among the community. 2. Increased community support and solidarity.
3. Potential for improved emergency response and preparedness in the future. 4. Opportunities for increased awareness about mental health issues.
5. Chance for fostering stronger relationships among neighbors and community members.

1. Lingering psychological trauma and fear among residents.
2. Potential long-term negative impact on the city’s reputation, affecting tourism and business prospects.
3. Challenges in returning to a sense of normalcy for affected individuals and families. 4. Increased scrutiny and potential negative media attention on the city. 5. Risk of copycat incidents and the need for heightened security measures.


Residents of Maine’s second-largest city are slowly returning to normalcy after the shelter-in-place orders were lifted and the discovery of the suspect’s body.