Can Sol in the Garden Truly Harness the Power of Nature in Healing?

1. Gardening has been proven to have therapeutic effects on mental health, promoting relaxation and reducing stress.
2. The act of nurturing plants can provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment, boosting overall well-being.
3. Connecting with nature through gardening can improve mood and increase feelings of happiness.
4. Spending time in a garden can encourage physical activity, enhancing fitness and overall health.
5. Sol’s personal experience and passion for gardening could inspire others to engage in a similar healing practice.

1. The healing power of nature might vary from person to person, and some individuals may not experience the same benefits as Sol did.
2. Gardening might not be accessible or feasible for everyone, especially those living in urban areas or lacking proper outdoor space.
3. Although gardening can be therapeutic, it may not completely replace traditional medical treatments for certain ailments.
4. Sol’s success story might be seen as an exception rather than the norm, creating unrealistic expectations for others interested in harnessing nature’s healing power.
5. The effectiveness of gardening in healing could be influenced by external factors such as climate, available resources, and individual commitment.


Sol’s introduction to gardening occurred during her time in prison, courtesy of an inmate program. It didn’t take long for her to realize the profound liberation she experienced while tending to plants.