Can Tech and Games Really Help Curb Youth Suicide?

– Technology and video games have the potential to reach young people who may not have access to traditional mental health support.
– Online platforms and video games can provide a safe and anonymous space for youth to express themselves and seek help.
– Some games incorporate mental health themes and provide educational resources, raising awareness and promoting empathy.
– Technology can facilitate communication and connection, allowing young people to build supportive communities and find like-minded individuals.
– Gamification techniques, such as rewards and challenges, can help motivate and engage youth in their mental health journey.

– Excessive screen time and reliance on technology may have negative impacts on mental health, exacerbating feelings of isolation and worsening symptoms.
– It can be challenging to ensure the quality and reliability of mental health resources available through technology and video games.
– Online platforms and gaming communities may also expose young people to cyberbullying, harassment, and harmful content.
– Technology should not replace in-person mental health support and therapy, as the human connection and individualized care are essential for many individuals.
– There is a risk of young people becoming dependent on technology as a coping mechanism, potentially hindering their ability to develop healthy coping strategies in real-life situations.


In today’s world with limited mental health support, particularly for marginalized children, technology and video games offer a unique opportunity to connect with young people in a way that resonates with them.