Can the conflict with Hamas lead Israel into a recession and a weakened shekel? Uncovering the economic impacts

– Economic analysis suggests that the conflict with Hamas could potentially lead to a recession in Israel.
– Fitch’s downgrade warning indicates the negative impact the conflict may have on the Israeli economy.
– Traders increasing short bets against the shekel could indicate a potential weakening of the currency.

– Economic predictions are not always accurate and may not fully capture the complexity of the situation.
– The Israeli economy has shown resilience in the face of previous conflicts, which could mitigate the impact on a potential recession.
– The short bets against the shekel may not necessarily reflect the actual long-term performance of the currency.

(Note: The provided points are based on the information given and should not be seen as an endorsement or prediction of any specific outcome.)


According to a leading Israeli economist, a recession appears to be on the horizon. Fitch has issued a warning, downgrading the outlook. Traders have responded by increasing short bets against the shekel currency.