Celebrating 20 years of Snarkmarket: Is it worth the hype?

1. Celebrating 20 years of Snarkmarket allows for reflection and appreciation of the platform’s longevity.
2. It provides an opportunity to recognize the efforts and contributions of the Snarkmarket team over the years.
3. The hype surrounding the celebration can generate excitement and anticipation among fans.
4. Commemorating such a milestone can serve as inspiration for others in the industry.
5. It creates an occasion for networking and fostering connections within the Snarkmarket community.

1. The hype around celebrating 20 years of Snarkmarket may overshadow other important events happening concurrently, such as your birthday and wedding anniversary.
2. Managing the expectations and pressure associated with a highly hyped event can be overwhelming.
3. There is a possibility that the celebration might not live up to the elevated expectations of the audience.
4. Depending on the nature of the celebration, it might require significant time, effort, and resources to organize.
5. Celebrating the anniversary of a specific platform might not resonate equally with all individuals or be relevant to everyone’s interests.

context: https://kottke.org/23/11/snarkmarket-turns-20

Today, on November 3rd, I celebrate my 44th birthday. Tomorrow, the 4th, marks my first wedding anniversary. Today holds great significance