Confused about Google Maps disabling traffic data in Israel and Gaza as a ground war looms?

– Provides a safer environment by limiting potential distractions for drivers in areas of conflict.
– May prevent individuals from relying too heavily on live traffic data and encourage them to practice caution and make informed decisions.
– Respects the request of the Israeli military, which is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of its citizens.

– Lack of real-time traffic updates could inconvenience users who rely on them for efficient route planning.
– Disabling traffic data may diminish the overall functionality and accuracy of Google Maps and Waze in the affected areas.
– Raises questions about the extent of control that external entities, such as military organizations, have over technology companies and their services.


Google is taking action in response to a request from the Israeli military, disabling live traffic conditions in Israel and the Gaza Strip for its Maps and Waze apps. This decision is made in anticipation of a possible ground invasion into Gaza.