Could the Powerful Malware Disguised as Crypto Miner Infecting 1M+ Windows, Linux PCs Have Any Benefits?

1. The disguised malware’s ability to evade detection for over five years showcases its sophisticated coding and effectiveness in remaining undetected.
2. The malware’s disguise as a trivial cryptocurrency miner may trick users into thinking it is harmless, increasing its chances of successful infection.
3. The prolonged infection of over 1 million Windows and Linux PCs indicates the malware’s ability to spread and persist, making it an efficient tool for cybercriminals.

1. The malware poses a significant threat to the security and privacy of affected PC users, potentially resulting in data breaches, financial loss, and compromised personal information.
2. The disguised nature of the malware increases the difficulty in identifying and removing it, prolonging its impact on infected systems.
3. The deliberate targeting of both Windows and Linux PCs by the malware highlights its adaptability and potential to harm a wide range of users and systems.


According to Kaspersky, a renowned antivirus provider, a particularly potent malware known as “StripedFly” has managed to remain undetected for over five years by posing as a harmless cryptocurrency miner. This deceptive malware has successfully infected numerous systems, as reported by PC Magazine.