Did Kangana Ranaut’s failed attempt at shooting the arrow at Ravan Effigy at Lav Kush Ramleela warrant the online trolling?

1. Kangana Ranaut’s attempt at shooting the arrow at the Ravan Effigy showcased her courage and determination.
2. Her participation in the Lav Kush Ramleela event highlights her support for cultural and traditional celebrations.
3. Being the first woman to perform Raavan Dahan at Lav Kush Ramleela is a historical milestone.
4. The event gained significant media attention, leading to increased awareness of the Ramleela tradition.

1. The failed attempt at shooting the arrow may have opened doors for online trolling, which can be harsh and hurtful.
2. Online trolling can negatively impact an individual’s mental well-being and lead to stress or anxiety.
3. Some may argue that mistakes during public events can be perceived as unprofessional or lacking preparation.
4. The attention garnered from the online trolling detracted from the significance and achievements of Kangana Ranaut’s participation in the event.

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Kangana Ranaut achieved a historic milestone by being the first woman to conduct the Raavan Dahan ceremony at the Lav Kush Ramleela in New Delhi.