Did the Israel envoy have a valid argument in calling for the resignation of the UN chief over his remarks on the Hamas attack?

1. The Israel envoy may have argued that the remarks made by the UN chief were biased or ignored certain aspects of the Hamas attack.
2. The envoy could argue that the resignation of the UN chief would ensure a fresh start and potentially lead to a more impartial approach in addressing the Israel-Palestine conflict.
3. The envoy may believe that a public call for the resignation would hold the UN chief accountable for his statements and show the seriousness of the issue.

1. Calling for the resignation of the UN chief could be seen as an extreme reaction, potentially undermining the importance of diplomatic dialogue.
2. It might be argued that the envoy’s request for resignation is an attempt to silence opposing perspectives and limit freedom of speech within the UN.
3. Such a call for resignation may divert attention from addressing the root causes of the Israel-Palestine conflict and hinder efforts towards finding a peaceful resolution.

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The Israel envoy urges the UN chief to step down after stating that the Hamas attack is not isolated.