Did this contest truly prove the theories of consciousness? Uncover the facts here.

1. Promoted collaboration among scientists.
2. Generated scientific discourse and discussion.
3. Increased awareness and interest in the theories of consciousness. 4. Showed progress in the field, despite the lack of a definitive conclusion.

1. Did not provide conclusive evidence for the theories of consciousness. 2. No clear winners or resolution, leaving the question unanswered.
3. Limited to a stagy showdown, potentially limiting the depth of the investigation. 4. May have raised false expectations about proving the theories.

context: https://www.wired.com/story/this-contest-put-theories-of-consciousness-to-the-test-heres-what-it-really-proved/

Scientists engaged in a five-year adversarial collaboration, culminating in a dramatic showdown witnessed by an audience. Although there were no winners declared, this process signifies significant progress.