Do Israeli strikes in Gaza maintain peace or perpetuate violence? Assessing the impact on civilians as Blinken advocates for aid

– Israeli strikes aim to protect its citizens from terrorist attacks.
– They serve as a deterrent against Hamas launching rockets into Israeli territory. – Israeli strikes can weaken Hamas’ infrastructure and military capabilities.
– They signal Israel’s commitment to defending its sovereignty and national security.

– Israeli strikes often result in the loss of innocent civilian lives.
– They intensify tensions and perpetuate a cycle of violence between Israel and Palestine.
– Such strikes can damage critical infrastructure, worsening living conditions in Gaza.
– They can fuel anti-Israel sentiments and increase international criticism of the country’s actions.


Multiple civilians have been killed by Israeli military strikes at a U.N. shelter and hospital in the main combat zone of the Gaza Strip. The assault on the enclave’s Hamas rulers has escalated, leading to growing international outrage over the rising death toll.