Does the new Lords of the Fallen update successfully fix walls crashing the game when hit, or are there still issues?

1. Patch v.1.1.207 addresses technical gremlins, suggesting a commitment to fixing issues.
2. The update shows that developers are actively working on improving the game’s performance.
3. Players can expect a more stable gaming experience with the fixed crashing issue.
4. It’s reassuring to know that the developers are responsive to community feedback and addressing bugs promptly. 5. The update may enhance overall gameplay enjoyment.

1. The mention of “various bugs and performance issues” implies that there might be other unresolved problems.
2. The specific bug related to walls crashing the game when hit was not directly addressed in the information provided. 3. The update may introduce new issues or unintended side effects.
4. There is no information about the effectiveness of the fix or whether it completely resolves the crashing problem.
5. The update’s impact on other aspects of the game, such as graphics or gameplay mechanics, is unknown.


Hexworks, the renowned developers of Lords of the Fallen, are tirelessly working to eliminate the game’s bugs and performance issues. The recent update, Patch v.1.1.207, has successfully chased away an impressive array of technical gremlins.