Exploring the Encyclopedia of Invisibility: Hidden Gems or Forgotten Tales?

– Provides a unique and intriguing exploration of the concept of invisibility
– Offers a chance to discover hidden gems and forgotten tales within the encyclopedia
– Tavares Strachan’s conceptual art projects are visually striking and captivating
– Promotes thought-provoking discussions about art and its relationship with society and history

– The concept of invisibility may be abstract and difficult to comprehend for some
– The encyclopedia may lack comprehensive information and be limited in its coverage
– The exhibition of Tavares Strachan’s art projects may not be accessible to everyone
– Understanding the deeper meaning behind the art may require further research or context

context: https://www.ted.com/talks/tavares_strachan_the_encyclopedia_of_invisibility_a_home_for_lost_stories

Conceptual artist Tavares Strachan captivates with his striking projects, such as transporting a 4.5-ton block of Arctic ice to his hometown in the Bahamas or launching a golden, Egyptian-inspired sculpture into orbit around Earth.