Has Mahua Moitra’s alleged communication with Darshan been vindicated?

1. Provides an opportunity to investigate and expose potential corruption in the ‘cash-for-questions’ row.
2. Sheds light on the alleged communication between Mahua Moitra and Darshan, leading to transparency.
3. Could help validate Nishikant Dubey’s claim of attempts to influence Daarshan Hiranandani.

1. The alleged communication may not be completely substantiated, leading to ambiguity. 2. May divert attention and resources from other pressing issues in the country.
3. Could potentially be used for political gain rather than genuine pursuit of truth.

context: https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/mahua-moitra-in-touch-with-darshan-hiranandani-alleges-bjp-mp-vindicated-jai-anant-dehadrai-101698474796379.html

Nishikant Dubey alleges attempts to influence Daarshan Hiranandani, key witness in “cash-for-questions” scandal. Latest news from India.