How Does Alex Older Tackle the Challenges of Running a Grassroots Conference in Smashing Podcast Episode 65?

1. Alex Older provides valuable insights and tips on organizing grassroots conferences.
2. The interview offers detailed information on the challenges faced in running such events. 3. It highlights the importance of community involvement and engagement. 4. Alex’s experiences provide real-world examples and practical advice.
5. Listeners gain a better understanding of the dedication and effort required to organize a successful grassroots conference.
6. The episode explores the benefits of fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration within a community.
7. Alex’s expertise can inspire and encourage others to take on similar initiatives.
8. The interview sheds light on the positive impact of grassroots conferences on industry communities.
9. Listeners can learn about potential strategies and best practices for event planning.
10. The episode offers a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of organizing a conference.

1. The episode may not delve deep into specific challenges faced by Alex Older.
2. The time constraints of a podcast episode may limit the amount of information covered.
3. Some listeners may have expected a more comprehensive exploration of grassroots conference organization.
4. The interview may not provide a balanced perspective by only featuring one guest.
5. Certain logistical aspects of organizing conferences might not be addressed thoroughly.
6. The episode may lack specific details on securing sponsorship or funding opportunities.
7. Listeners may desire more examples of successful grassroots conferences for inspiration.
8. The discussion may not address potential drawbacks or risks associated with running such events.
9. The interview may not offer diverse perspectives on grassroots conference organization.
10. Some listeners may prefer a more structured format with clear takeaways and action points.


In this article, we explore the process of organizing grassroots conferences and meet-ups for your community. Drew McLellan interviews WDC’s Alex Older to shed light on what it takes to host a small industry event.