How is the recent rise of horrors impacting Israel, my home?

Pros of the recent rise of horrors impacting Israel:

1. Increased awareness and attention towards the challenges faced by Israel. 2. Strengthening solidarity among Israelis in times of crisis. 3. Potential for international support and assistance.
4. Opportunities for reflecting on security and safety measures. 5. Motivation to come together and find innovative solutions.

Cons of the recent rise of horrors impacting Israel:

1. Heightened fear and anxiety among the population.
2. Potential negative long-term effects on tourism and economy. 3. Strain on the mental and emotional well-being of individuals. 4. Escalation of violence and potential for retaliation.
5. Uncertainty regarding the future and stability of the region.


Itai Anghel, an experienced journalist, has documented numerous genocides throughout his career. However, nothing could have prepared him for the heart-wrenching scenes he encountered at a kibbutz in Israel.