How significant is the removal of 2.06 tonnes of soil by Chandrayaan-3 mission’s Vikram lander on Moon’s surface?

1. Represents a significant milestone in space exploration.
2. Demonstrates India’s technological capabilities in lunar missions. 3. Contributes valuable data and insights about the Moon’s soil composition. 4. Opens up possibilities for future lunar exploration and colonization.
5. Boosts the reputation and prestige of ISRO and India in the global space community.
1. Removal of soil may disrupt the natural balance and ecosystem on the Moon’s surface.
2. The exact significance and impact of removing 2.06 tonnes of soil remains to be seen.
3. Potential risks and challenges associated with extracting and transporting lunar soil.
4. Possibility of unintended consequences or unforeseen effects on future missions.
5. Critics may argue that the resources could be better utilized for other scientific endeavors.


In a remarkable milestone for space exploration, the Chandrayaan-3 mission has made history. But the achievements of Vikram Lander, unveiled by ISRO, have taken it to a whole new level.