India resumes some visa services: Was Canada right to call it a ‘good sign’ or was the suspension unnecessary?


– Allows for easier travel and business transactions between India and Canada. – Provides opportunities for economic growth and collaboration. – Can help strengthen diplomatic ties between the two countries. – Allows Indian citizens to access medical services in Canada. – Benefits individuals attending conferences and events in Canada.


– Raises concerns about the potential spread of COVID-19 with the resumption of visa services.
– May result in an increase in immigration applications, leading to longer processing times.
– Could potentially strain resources and infrastructure in Canada if there is a surge in visa applications.
– Some may argue that the suspension was necessary to prioritize public health and safety.
– Others may question the timing of the resumption, considering the ongoing pandemic situation.


India and Canada have made progress in resolving their recent dispute. As of Thursday, October 26, India has reinstated services for entry, business, medical, and conference visas.