Investigating the World’s Largest Fishing Fleet: A Closer Look at the Pros and Cons

Investigating the World’s Largest Fishing Fleet:

1. Raises awareness: This investigation brings attention to the global seafood industry and its impact on marine ecosystems.
2. Exposes illegal activities: Through their investigation, the team may uncover illegal fishing practices and actions that harm the environment.
3. Promotes accountability: By shedding light on the fishing fleet, it holds industry players accountable for their actions and potentially pushes for reforms.
4. Fosters transparency: The investigation may reveal hidden information about the seafood industry, allowing consumers to make more informed choices.
5. Sparks conversations: The findings can initiate important discussions about sustainable fishing practices and the need for conservation efforts.

1. Requires substantial time and resources: Conducting a four-year investigation is a significant commitment and can be financially demanding.
2. Potentially dangerous: Investigating illegal activities may expose journalists and their sources to risks and threats from powerful entities involved in the industry.
3. Limited impact: Despite the comprehensive investigation, translating the findings into significant change may prove challenging in a complex industry.
4. Ethical dilemmas: Balancing the responsibility to expose truth with concerns about privacy and confidentiality can be a difficult line to navigate.
5. Industry backlash: The investigation might face opposition and pushback from those who wish to maintain the status quo or protect their interests.

Note: The provided lists of pros and cons are based on general considerations and assumptions. The specific pros and cons of this investigation may vary depending on the details and outcomes of the actual investigation conducted by Ian Urbina and the team.


Join Ian Urbina and his team of intrepid reporters, as they embark on a daring four-year investigation into the secretive and complex world of the global seafood industry. Traveling across land and sea, they delve deep into the industry’s inner workings, unearthing shocking discoveries along the way.