Is a $3 million Gundam-like mech worth the investment?

– Novelty factor: Owning a Gundam-like mech would be a unique and attention-grabbing investment.
– Symbol of technological advancement: The mech represents cutting-edge robotics technology and demonstrates the progress made in this field.
– Potential for entertainment: The mech can be used for various purposes, such as film and television production, attracting audiences and boosting revenue.
– Pride of ownership: Owning a legendary mech from popular culture can satisfy one’s inner fanboy or fangirl.

– High cost: A $3 million price tag is a significant investment, which may not be affordable for everyone.
– Limited functionality: The practical use of a Gundam-like mech may be limited, raising questions about its overall value.
– Maintenance and repair: The mech’s complex mechanisms and parts may require specialized expertise for maintenance and expensive repairs.
– Limited market: The niche market for mech enthusiasts may limit the potential return on investment.

Remember, it’s important to evaluate personal interests, financial capabilities, and long-term goals before making such a significant investment decision.


A Japanese startup has created a Gundam-inspired transforming mech that can be purchased for $3 million. This innovative creation is a glimpse into a future filled with AI-driven robots and advanced technology.