Is a refurbished MS Surface 3 the perfect tech gift for the holidays at just $416?

1. Cost-effective: The refurbished MS Surface 3 offers significant savings compared to buying it brand new.
2. Tech-savvy sustainability: Buying refurbished helps reduce electronic waste, promoting eco-consciousness.
3. High-quality performance: Despite being refurbished, the MS Surface 3 still offers a great user experience.
4. Ideal gift for tech-lovers: The MS Surface 3 is a desirable tech gift, especially for those who enjoy the latest gadgets.
5. Limited-time discount: The sale price of $415.97 (reg. $844) makes it an attractive deal for holiday shoppers.

1. Limited availability: Since it is a refurbished product, there may be limited stock or a short time frame to purchase.
2. Potential cosmetic imperfections: Refurbished items may have minor scratches or dents, although they don’t affect functionality.
3. Older model: The MS Surface 3 may not have the most recent specifications and features available on newer models.
4. Limited warranty: Refurbished devices may have a shorter warranty period compared to brand new purchases.
5. Personal preference: Some people may prefer to buy new devices rather than refurbished ones, even with the cost savings.


It’s that time of year again, and this holiday season, surprise your eco-conscious and tech-loving loved ones with the perfect gift – a refurbished Microsoft Surface Laptop 3. This sleek and stylish laptop is not only a great choice for sustainability, but it’s also on sale for just $415.97 (regularly $844) until October 31st. Don’t miss out on this tech-savvy deal!