Is a Shiba Inu Speedrun the Next Big Hit at Awesome Games Done Quick?

1. Unique and unconventional: A Shiba Inu speedrun would definitely add a new and unexpected element to Awesome Games Done Quick.
2. Draw attention: The cute and quirky nature of Shiba Inus might attract a larger audience and boost viewership for the event.
3. Memorable and shareable: A Shiba Inu speedrun would likely create memorable moments and generate buzz on social media platforms.
4. Charity support: Following the tradition of Awesome Games Done Quick, the event would continue to raise funds for charity, making it a win-win situation.

1. Lack of relevance: While Shiba Inus are undoubtedly charming, their involvement in a speedrun might not align with the overall theme and purpose of Awesome Games Done Quick.
2. Distraction factor: Some viewers might find the presence of Shiba Inus to be distracting or less focused on showcasing the skill and technique of professional speedrunners.
3. Logistics and organization: It may be challenging to execute a Shiba Inu speedrun smoothly, considering the unpredictable behavior of animals and the need for coordination.
4. Potential controversy: Introducing animals into gaming events can sometimes lead to debates regarding animal welfare and ethics, which may overshadow the charitable aspect of the event.


Games Done Quick is a unique charity event that features speedrunning marathons. Participants take on the challenge of beating games as quickly as possible. The event is filled with interesting and unconventional attempts, such as race competitions and blindfolded runs. The schedule is always packed with offbeat and entertaining activities.