Is a sober tour of New York City a unique way to commemorate the end of Prohibition?

1. Unique Experience: A sober tour of New York City is definitely a distinctive way to commemorate the end of Prohibition.
2. Historical Significance: It allows you to learn about the city’s rich history and the impact of Prohibition on New York.
3. Cultural Immersion: You can explore various neighborhoods, landmarks, and attractions without the influence of alcohol, gaining a deeper understanding of the city’s diverse culture.
4. Health Benefits: Going alcohol-free promotes well-being and allows you to enjoy the tour with a clear mind and body.
5. Different Perspective: By opting for a sober tour, you can appreciate the city’s attractions from a different angle, focusing more on the surroundings than on alcohol.

1. Personal Preferences: Some individuals may feel that alcohol played a significant role during Prohibition, and commemorating the end of it without alcohol may not align with their expectations.
2. Limited Options: New York City is known for its vibrant nightlife and numerous bars, so choosing a sober tour may limit the range of activities available to you.
3. Social Pressure: You may face challenges or temptations from fellow tour participants or random encounters with friends who prefer a traditional celebratory experience involving alcohol.
4. Missing Out on Alcohol-Related Experiences: New York City has a thriving craft cocktail scene, and not indulging in it may mean passing up unique drink offerings and mixology experiences.
5. Possible Limited Availability: Sober tours might be relatively less common compared to tours that incorporate alcoholic beverages, which could limit your choices and availability.


With a touch of irony, temperance has now become trendy in New York City, even after 90 years following the end of prohibition. Discover the ways to enjoy a zero-proof experience during your stay in The Big Apple.