Is Aaron Sorkin’s decision to drop CAA based on Maha Dakhil’s Israel-Hamas post justified?

– Aaron Sorkin has the freedom to make decisions that align with his personal beliefs and values.
– It sends a strong message about the importance of accountability in the entertainment industry.
– It allows Sorkin to work with a different agency that may better suit his needs and goals.
– It can create an opportunity for diverse representation and new perspectives within the industry.

– Dropping CAA may limit Sorkin’s access to certain resources or industry connections.
– It could potentially strain relationships with individuals or projects associated with CAA.
– The decision to drop CAA might be seen as an overreaction or unnecessary escalation of the situation.
– It may invite controversy and debate, drawing focus away from Sorkin’s work and achievements.


In the wake of an agency’s film department co-chief stepping down due to an Instagram repost, the renowned writer behind ‘The Social Network’ revealed his decision to join rival WME just two days later.