Is Africa’s flourishing art scene at Art X worth the hype?

– Showcases the diversity and talent of Africa’s art scene.
– Provides a platform for African artists to gain international recognition. – Promotes cultural exchange and understanding.
– Offers a unique opportunity to engage with African contemporary art. – Highlights Black portraiture and celebrates African identity. – Supports the growth and development of the art industry in Africa. – Creates business opportunities for local artists and galleries. – Fosters dialogue and critical thinking around contemporary African art.

– Hype may lead to unrealistic expectations.
– Limited number of artworks may not fully represent the entire art scene in Africa. – Possible overcrowding and difficulty navigating the fair.
– Pricing of artworks could be a barrier for some visitors.
– Not all artists might be equally represented or given the opportunity to showcase their work. – Potential bias and subjectivity in curatorial decisions.
– Distance and traveling expenses might hinder attendance for international visitors. – Weather conditions or logistical issues could affect the overall experience.

Overall, attending Art X can be an exciting and enriching experience, but it is important to be aware of both the positive aspects and potential limitations of the event. Enjoy your visit and embrace the vibrant African art scene!


Art Month in Nigeria is currently underway, and one of its main attractions is the renowned Art X fair. This expansive event showcases various forms of art, with a particular emphasis on “Black portraiture” and other incredible creations from across the continent.