Is Al-Shifa Really a Hamas Hideout and Headquarters in Gaza? The Shocking Terrorists’ Confessions Unveiled by Israel

1. Provides information about a potentially significant revelation in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 2. Offers insight into the tactics and strategies employed by Hamas.
3. Raises awareness about the complex dynamics surrounding Gaza and its relationship with various factions.
4. Provides access to exclusive material that may shed light on the situation and influence public opinion.

1. The authenticity of the video and the confessions should be independently verified.
2. The video may be used as a form of propaganda by either side, making it difficult to discern the truth.
3. It perpetuates the narrative of violence and terrorism, potentially further polarizing opinions on the conflict.
4. Presents information from a specific perspective, potentially lacking a comprehensive, unbiased view of the situation.


In a video obtained exclusively by News18, the Israel Security Agency Shin Bet presents the interrogation of “Hamas terrorists.” The video reveals that the construction of Shifa hospital was carefully planned by Hamas, taking advantage of the belief that medical facilities would be safe from enemy attacks.