Is Amazon’s Support for Passkey Logins a Game-Changer on Browsers and iOS Devices?

Sure! Here are the lists of Pros and Cons for Amazon’s support for Passkey Logins:

1. Enhanced Security: Passkey logins offer a more secure authentication method compared to traditional passwords.
2. Convenience: Users can access their Amazon accounts using biometrics or PIN, providing a quicker and hassle-free login experience.
3. Simplicity: Passkey logins eliminate the need to remember complex passwords, reducing the risk of forgetting or reusing passwords.
4. Mobile-Friendly: Passkey logins work seamlessly on iOS devices, making it easier for users to access their accounts on the go.
5. Protection against Password Theft: With passkeys, the risk of password theft is reduced, as there is no need to enter or remember a password.

1. Limited Device Support: Passkey logins may not be available on all browsers or iOS devices, limiting the accessibility for some users.
2. User Adaptation: Users accustomed to using traditional passwords may find it challenging to switch to passkeys, initially causing confusion or resistance.
3. Biometric Limitations: Some iOS devices may have limited biometric options, restricting users to a specific type of authentication method.
4. Technical Glitches: Like any new feature, passkey logins may have occasional technical issues that could prevent users from accessing their accounts.
5. Dependency on Mobile Devices: Passkey logins heavily rely on the availability and functionality of biometrics or PINs on mobile devices.

Please note that these lists are for informational purposes only and do not represent a personal opinion or recommendation.


Amazon, the leading global e-commerce platform, has introduced passkeys as a secure login alternative for users. This innovative solution provides access to accounts using biometrics or a personal identification number (PIN), ensuring enhanced security compared to traditional passwords.